Saturday, June 12, 2010

And Finally They Arrive!

So about 7 weeks ago, we notice my cat Bella had began to get a big belly, and I knew exactly what it was..KITTENS! I was so excited, I told everyone. Well as her last week came, she got huge, to the point you could see the outline of the kittens. I have been babysitting for a friend since school was out and haven't been at home. Last Saturday, I woke up to a missed call from my mom, so as most people do I called her back, and to find out we had 3 kittens and another one on the way! That night when I got home, we had two girls(Missy and Freckles) and two boys (Squeakers and Copper). Today, a week later, they have finally opened there eyes! I waited very patiently all week and was so glad to get to see them with there eyes open! This has been one of the coolest experiences and is something I will never forget!
{Freckles laying on Copper}