Monday, July 26, 2010

The Little Model

Every summer for the last 3 years, babysitting is what I do. The last couple years I have went to my aunt's daycare, but this year it was different. My friend, who use to be my neighbor, was going through a rough time in her life. She has two amazing girls, Ashlynn and Shaylee, and she needed a nanny for the summer. I knew how badly she needed help, so I packed my stuff and moved in. This summer has been, amazing, is the best word I can think of. I have watched those girls go thru so much, and yet they find a way to leave it and manage to always be smiling. Yes, we had our days but I wouldn't trade this summer for the world. I love kids, always have, and these kiddos have prepared me for some day when I become a mom. I hope my kids are just as purely amazing as them